April lab update

It has been a very busy, but productive month. Lekki has pulled finalized her proposal for a Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association the role of caregiver feeding strategies in cardiovascular disease prevention. She is very excited about this! Shabnam has drafted the first paper from the “Hummus for Health!” study looking at how … More April lab update

Marching for Science

***Note: All views on this blog are the post author’s own and do not reflect the views of their Institution or Funders. This post also reflects the view of the lab PI and does not necessarily reflect the views of other lab members**** This weekend Lekki, along with several colleagues, joined the March for Science … More Marching for Science

Best Abstract Award

Our recent abstract on the metabolomic associations of a Mediterranean-style diet in the body (part of our MESA, metabolomics, and nutritional epidemiology projects), and how these molecules may influence cardiovascular disease risk won best abstract at the 5th annual BCM CVRI Symposium. Congratulations to everyone involved! We hope to extend these analyses based on the feedback … More Best Abstract Award

New paper: Ethnicity Differences in CVD risk

One of the strands of ‘dark matter’ co-influencing human behavior and health is ethnicity. We know there are differences between racial and ethnic groups in many behavioral and biological factors. Much of the previous research into why has focussed on cultural factors to explain differences in health, for example our previous work has examined whether … More New paper: Ethnicity Differences in CVD risk