Marching for Science

***Note: All views on this blog are the post author’s own and do not reflect the views of their Institution or Funders. This post also reflects the view of the lab PI and does not necessarily reflect the views of other lab members****

This weekend Lekki, along with several colleagues, joined the March for Science in Houston. Lekki dragged 2 nap-ready children to an outdoor march in 90 degree heat because:

1. The importance of respecting, and acting on, the results from rigorously conducted Scientific inquiries needs to be vocalized. And not in the way that Scientists and academics tend to do: by tweeting to their followers, and posting on their blogs read by other Scienstists , and writing (however eloquently) in their overpriced journals accessible to academics, but out there to the people we serve.

2. While political views should absolutely stay out of Science (although there is indeed a chequered history of this), sadly, to agree with the weight of our strongest and most rigorously obtained empirical data (say, with the existence of man-made climate change, or recognizing that emergency contraception (in the pill form) does not cause a fertilized egg to implant), can now be political statement. March to stop this state of affairs.

Our feelings on cutting Science funding

3. Science funding is under grave threat. We recognize that every dollar invested in peer-reviewed funding applications yields invaluable contributions towards knowledge, quality of life, and years of life. This should be a bi-partisan issue.


Activist Baby

4. One should never decry a foreseeable situation while also saying “I said nothing“.


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