Biobehavioral Approaches to Health

(With surprisingly little Physics)

Dark Matter Lab

Unseen and poorly understood, dark matter comprises over 80% of the universe. Scientists theorize that where strands of Dark Matter cross: galaxies form. Dark Matter forms, therefore, a backdrop to the whole Universe. It is thought that understanding more about dark matter will shed light on many unexplained astronomical observations.

And so it is with understanding human behavior. Many biological and environmental factors provide a backdrop to human life; and behavior arises from the intersection of all these factors . Our lab believes that understanding more about these factors and their interactions we will shed light on why we behave as we do, and so help us to better understand how to shape behavior as a determinant of health and disease.

Our lab combines genetics, epigenetics, molecular biology, nutrition, developmental psychology, and psychometrics to understand individual differences in human behaviors related to health. Our current focus is on obesity risk, but we have applied our comprehensive biobehavioral approach to mental health, health disparities, and hyperlipidemia.

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